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Bio Zyme

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This unique product uses bacteria to clean stains like milk, soda, coffee, throw-up etc. The product is a blend of detergents that clean grease, oil and grime and 4 different strains of bacteria that actually eat grease, animal fat, proteins, feces, etc. So, anyplace where organic waste causes odors or build-up this product should be used.
    • Non caustic formula.

    • Super Concentrated. Contains over one billion bacteria per gallon.

    • Bacteria grow and eat until food source is gone.

    • Great for pet urine stains.

    • Can be siphoned into Car Wash Sump to reduce smell and hydrocarbons.

    • Dilutes up to 5-1.
    • Great for cleaning stains that have bad odors like throw-up, urine, milk, etc.

Special Tips and Precautions:
The best way to clean stubborn organic stains is to clean them using Bio-Zyme. Then cover them with a damp towel and let them sit in a warm place over night. The bacteria need warmth and moisture to multiply and eat the odor causing stain.

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