Sonax Profiline Cut&Finish – PressureEquipment

Sonax Profiline Cut&Finish

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Direction for use:
Wet sand with P1500 or finer; Wipe clean afterwards. Apply a small amount of polish to all sanded areas. Work polish at a low rotational speed for 10 seconds. with SONAX Lambskin Pad 130 by applying higher pressure. Tilt machine slightly. Exerting slight pressure , polish with plane lambskin for 20 seconds. Remove polish residues with SONAX Microfibre Cloth ultra fine. Use SONAX Profiline Perfect-Finish for the finishing polish.

Please note:
Do not allow polishing area to overheat. Regularly clean polishing sponges. Never use different polishes on one sponge.  Protect against frost. Keep out of reach from children. 

Product Attributes: 
Abrasive polish for removing dust inclusions , Spray paint mist and deeper sanding marks. High abrasion combines with high degree of gloss

Product Size:
250ML(8.45 FL OZ)



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