TR.IX – PressureEquipment


  • $26.99 USD

  • Excellent wheel cleaner
  • Strong Degreaser and Cleaner
  • Iron Contaminant Remover
  • Tar Remover
  • PH Neutral


  • Shake bottle regularly during use (Do not allow to seperate in bottle during use)
  • Spray across affected area
  • Allow to dwell approximately 4-5 minutes
  • Gently agitate with wash mitt
  • Thoroughly rinse all surfaces to avoid stains


  • Do not allow to dry on surface
  • Avoid polycarbonate headlights, clear bra material, and sensitive plastics/rubbers
  • Avoid use in direct sun
  • Avoid allowing to dry surface
  • For unknown materials test on small area first
  • Use in ventilated area
  • Use hand and face protection

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