Mark V Ultra Gloss – PressureEquipment

Ultra Gloss

  • $38.80 USD

A white silicone emulsion with a banana fragrance, Ultra Gloss stands out as the ultimate finishing treatment, which protects and restores rubber and vinyl to its original luster. This anti-static formula repels dust and dirt without leaving a greasy mess. Best of all, Ultra Gloss holds up through repeated washings.
This is an all-around dressing for use on vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic. Protects all of these surfaces from the elements while leaving the surface non-greasy. Works on both interior and exterior surfaces.
Ultra Gloss stands out as a premium dressing with very few products that come close to its performance.


    • All purpose, use on interior, exterior and engine compartments.

    • Does not contain soaps, glycerin or other extenders.

    • Dries to a non-greasy shine that is anti-static and repels dust.

  • Can be diluted up to 4:1 for a less shiny finish.

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