Water Sprite – PressureEquipment
Water Sprite

Water Sprite

  • $19.99 USD

Speedily Dries Cars 

Spot-Free After Washing
Soft and Highly Absorbent- Leaves No Lint
Use like a Sponge Cleans Cars - Boats - Trailers - And Windows.

For Amazingly Fast Drying on any surface

  • Actually absorbs dirt and grime away from the surface of your car.
  • Stores wet and ready to use in truck or gloves box.
  • Cleans cars, boats, planes, windows and does chores all around the house.
  • Not affected by mildew, bacteria and common house chemical.
  • Made in Holland.


Use and Cares


  • Remove your WATER SPRITE from the bag and wet up using clear cold (Never hot) water.
  • Rinse Water Sprite to remove all soap and detergent.
  • Pull Water Sprite across the clean damp surface. This actions lifts off residual dirt and grime, Leaving the surface dry.
  • After using, rinse the loose dirt and grime from your Water Sprite with clean cold (Never hot) water.



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