Fast Track Total Wheel Cleaner

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PES FAST TRACK TOTAL WHEEL CLEANER safely removes accumulated brake dust, oil, dirt, stains and light corrosion from premium quality wheels without damaging the delicate surface. FAST TRACK is a unique wheel cleaning gel that adheres to the wheel surface and penetrates the dirt deposits to clean them away.

FAST TRACK deposits a thin layer of special corrosion inhibitors to Protect the wheel from future corrosion. Simply apply FAST TRACK and blast of with high pressure water after a sit time of at least 1 - 2 minutes for most wheels (wheels with extreme brake dust accumulation may require some extra scrubbing with a wheel brush or microfiber towel). Cleans and brightens premium quality wheels Cleans both tires and rims Safe and effective non acid cleaner

DIRECTIONS: Always make sure your wheels are cool before you apply FAST TRACK Total Wheel Cleaner. Spray onto the surface of your tires and rims. Let it stand for 1 - 2 minutes. Use a wheel brush if build up is particularly heavy. Rinse your wheels thoroughly with water 

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