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Ceramic Shield and Shine

Ceramic Shield and Shine

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Ceramic Shield & Shine is todays top of the line ceramic technology in an easily applied method. Sporting a robust durability that can be applied by anyone, Ceramic Shield & Shine is ready to applied after your next wash to keep a high gloss shine for months.



For best results, apply out of direct sunlight on a relatively cool vehicle. Spray onto surface and use a microfiber towel to apply onto surface and buff out to a high gloss shine. Work on a small to medium sized panels at a time, breaking large panels into multiple sections and working slowly. 


Use in a well-ventilated area outside. Keep away from open flame, sparks, excessive heat, and hot surfaces. Wear all protective equipment: gloves, protective clothing, and equipment: gloves, protective clothing and face protection while using product. Store in a cool well-ventilated area. Dispose of in accordance with your local municipality's requirement.


If inhaled move to a well-ventilated outdoor space for fresh air and call a poison control center or a physician.

For Chemical Emergency, Call Infotrac: 1-800-535-5035

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